From the lead singer of the band Great Big Sea comes a lyrical and captivating musical memoir about growing up in the tiny fishing village of Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, and then taking to the world stage.

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"A wonderful, interesting, crazy, desperately beautiful journey... Alan's musicality seeps through his prose, giving every tale a touch of his poetic soul." - Jann Arden

"Doyle is exuberant, irreverent, hilariously funny and a heart-on-the-sleeve Newfoundlander. As a writer, he's all that and a bag of chips... Intimate, saucy and note-perfect. In his own words: Deadly." - Michael Crummey

"Where does Alan's sound come from? The Catholic side of Petty Harbour, ball hockey behind O'Brien's Fish Plant, Uncle Ronnie's band. He dreamed of being goalie for the Montreal Canadiens (I dreamed of being a rock star). He lives everything he does. That sound is here in his book." - Ken Dryden